Love Island: The response to Megan Barton highlights a direct flaw with our society

Maybe slightly controversial but I feel really sorry for Megan. She is being shamed in the media for the way she looked before she had any cosmetics done. Something that has really stood out to me about the way people are responding to Megan is how they are trying to find ways to devalue her beauty. Yeah, she’s had cosmetic work done but what gives us the right to try and make her feel insecure? She has evidentially already felt insecure which has resulted in the changes she has made.  Continue reading


Mixed ‘Up Over’ Race: Growing Up Biracial

I remember one of the first times I noticed my colour as an ‘issue’ was during primary school. One of my ‘friends’ said to me “you can’t sit in the front of my Dad’s car because you are brown and people would think it’s weird but I can sit in the front of your Mum’s car because I’m white and people will think we are related.” I remember this really upset me and it made me think about what people thought when they saw me with my Mum. Continue reading

Our parents always told us not to trust strangers

So why are we so quick to trust ‘social media influencers’? I’m not saying I’m against this form of advertising. I’m all for it but I do believe it is important to be selective with the influencers we trust. There are many people that exploit the social media platform and give social influencers a bad name. Scrolling down Instagram all you see is ad after ad and it is becoming more difficult to distinguish them. Although Instagram is taking measures, meaning people must state if their post is a sponsorship. This is a step in the right direction.

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Beauty, filters and insecurities

After having a conversation a few weeks ago with a friend of mine, I was left questioning why we are so conscious of the way we look. I always find it difficult to walk into a room of people because I’m afraid that I’ll draw attention to myself. It always makes me feel so exposed and vulnerable and it’s not because I’m worried about the reason why we are there, but because I’m worried about what people are going to say about me or my appearance. My focus is in the wrong place and it’s because I’m such a harsh critic of myself. I tried to find an article about it, but I couldn’t, so I thought I would write it myself.

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